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Clotilde Courau: "I never dreamed of a prince charming"

A life that has not always been simple ... No, complicated and chaotic. With many different steps. A departure in Africa, Benin, 2 years, a difficult return to France seven years later, the divorce of my parents, a change of life ... it's a lot of movements compared to the average people - who stay in the same home, in the same neighborhood until they leave the family home to follow their path.
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Nuggets of wisdom

Marriage by prophecy or revelation (2)

Following the previous article on the topic of marriage by prophecy or revelation, another sister sent me this new question: "Hello Madam, thank you for this message, I have a question in the direction of teaching marriage and If you happen to be told that you have received a prophecy concerning you that if you get married to this man (your fiancé) the future will not be good.
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How to do a real job of mourning?

How to do a real job of mourning? A few years ago, Julien, my friend with whom I lived for 3 years, left to join a better world following a relapse of acute leukemia. We fought together against this disease and it was I who discovered it, returning at noon, in a coma. Since I met Vincent, we are getting married.
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How to live serenely in a world where everything goes wrong?

How to live serenely in a world where everything goes wrong? This is the question I ask each morning when I wake up when I feel the sick universe weigh on my life like a lid. We are told to "enjoy the moment", that it would be the right attitude to have to know happiness. But at the same time, we are constantly concerned for our future: the planet is in danger, our living conditions and those of our children are deteriorating, the purchasing power is in free fall .
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Words of Grace

A wind of restoration of the families

A few days ago, I was in prayer for the restoration of families; for many of us. My heart was filled with sadness because many of us are experiencing serious difficulties in their homes, in their emotional lives. Indeed, I receive weekly letters from people in difficulty.
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Natacha, 108 kilos: one year after ...

In January 2003, in "I decided to lose weight" on M6, viewers discover Natacha, 25, very comfortable in her body of 108 kilos. Touched by his fight against thinness at all costs, we wanted to know more: the imposed regimes, the eyes of others and especially the serenity finally found. Because, she tells us, "everyone can live as he is .
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